Benedicte invites Isabelle VENET

14-Sep-2015 | Categories:

Carton d'invitationFrom the Sunday 20th of September, Benedicte invites the painter Isabelle VENET to expose (...)

Resumption of sculpting trainings at Croix

01-Sep-2015 | Categories:

Bénédicte devant la yourteBy Wednesday, September the 30th, the courses of sculpture resume in the workshop of Croix. The incriptions are therefore open by filling in the reservation form to download here (...)

Exposition Rodin (Montréal)

23-Aug-2015 |
Exposition Rodin (Montréal)This summer, Benedicte DUBART went to Montréal to see the exhibition of RODIN's worls; more than 200 hundred original plasters were shown.

Unveiling of HomeSweetArt 2

05-Jun-2015 |

Gery's homeEvery things were well done by Gery for his unveiling evening, which has been a resounding success.

Thanks to the very many amateurs who, welcomed by "Andromede" in the hall, met together to admire, (...)

Benedicte's works exhibited in Tournai

17-May-2015 | Categories:

9 Artists in TournaiGery Descamps will host Benedict and 8 other artists in his home of Tournai in a new edition of "Home Sweet Art".

Book your dates and discover the (...)